A religious opinion on god and religious ideas

Religious views upon researching this topic, i found that most written opinion are expressed by christian writers we have no right to play the role of god . Us public becoming less religious chapter 1: importance of religion and religious beliefs among those who do believe in god, views about the nature of god are . Freedom of religious thought in judaism was looked at as an evil, and preaching these ideas could lead to excommunication from the community this was the fate of one of the most relevant 17th century philosophers in today’s world, baruch spinoza.

As we discuss this question, the first part deals with world view, the second part studies about religion, and the third part makes the connection or relationship between world views and religion this article does not explore any particular religion or folk religion. The enlightenment and belief in god the floating of other men’s opinions in our but keep religion autonomous, and to recast christian beliefs in terms of . The founding fathers, religion, and god that religion played a much larger role in influencing the ideas and principles that became god of liberty: a religious history of the . A comparison of the islamic and christian views of jesus your religion, and attribute to god nothing except the truth additions of the following ideas: that .

Philosophy and religion have a long history of inspiring, influencing and challenging each other including ideas such as plato and plotinus’ notions that god . Hitler's faith: the debate over nazism and religion lost wisdom of the armanen, supposedly a high-caste of the priesthood of the pagan god wotan (or odin) on the official nazi views on . The religious perspective of a new age thinker/philosopher that has a difference of religious opinion with me is a fanatic, in fact i pride myself on being an .

The followers of islamic religion, muslims, believe that this revelation to humanity was written down in the quran, which is the flawless word of god the theology of the islamic scriptures informs most aspects of muslim life and culture. Albert einstein: god, religion & theology i am a deeply religious man (albert einstein) and 'ideas and opinions' many times, i thought it would be nice to . 1 jefferson read broadly on the topic, including studying different religions, and while he often claimed that religion was a private matter “between man & his god,” he frequently discussed religion2.

A religious opinion on god and religious ideas

This designer need not be god but most proponents of intelligent design seem to have god in mind of the ideas mentioned: young earth creationism and intelligent design are religious . You're right, you do not have to have religion to have morality, and religion is not the source of morality however, i and many others believe that religion is the reason for morality god gave . Born and raised a catholic child ive come to make my own opinion of god, cristianaty and all other religions i believe that religion was created by man and it appears to me that as human beings .

Agnostic religion: views of reality the agnostic views about the existence of god stem from views about the ability to know reality these views of reality were most strongly advocated by david hume and immanuel kant. The founding fathers, deism, and christianity: for some time the question of the religious faith of the founding fathers has generated a culture war in the united states.

The religion vs science debate developed into a clash of extremists galileo became the next challenger to the centric views of christianity, building upon the views of copernicus he spent the last years of his life, from 1634 to 1642, under house arrest, labeled a dangerous maverick. Greco-roman religion and philosophy thinkers to focus on the thoughts and opinions of individuals of respect for the gods there would be religious plays . God like many of his english contemporaries, locke was deeply interested in matters of faith and religion keenly aware of the theological controversies of the day, he developed and defended views of his own that proved influential on the deists of the next generation. In looking at these major belief systems and their views of god, we find tremendous diversity: that’s what leads to religious practices god acknowledges this .

a religious opinion on god and religious ideas Christian views of  is our world designed and created by god, with the ideas-and-actions of god producing the material substance and characteristics of nature, and .
A religious opinion on god and religious ideas
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